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The Cosmic Dome 
Academic Year 2023/2024

Dear Educators and Teachers,

We are offering an amazing Space & Astronomy Activity for your students and for your events! 

The Cosmic Dome aims to create awareness and understanding of the Space, Astronomy, and Science. For that, we use planetariums that are equipped with the most advanced 360° immersive projection system. Our planetariums are portable so we can bring a dome to your school and display full-dome shows for students of all age groups.

Since 2015, We have visited more than one thousand schools in the Middle East and we hope to visit your school as well and to and to have your students experience the Universe through the Cosmic Dome. 

Kindly contact us if you are interested in hosting us at your school. Of course, we can setup an in-person/online meeting to tell you more about this school activity. 

You can also find all details below. 

Bring A Planetarium To Your School

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More Information:
Briefly, we can bring a planetarium to your school and we will host one class per session. The duration per session will be the same as your class time (30 to 40 minutes). We will display Full-Dome Space Shows for each class, and we have 60+ shows for all age groups/classes. Our shows mostly cover astronomical topics like the Solar System, the Moon, the Sun, the Stars, Galaxies, Universe, and many other interesting topics. 

What can we do? 
■ We can install a planetarium at your school and display shows for each class.
■ We can host around 150 students during a school-time day. 

Schedule & Capacity:

■ Our domes fit an average of 30 students *(typical number of students/class).

■ Each show will be around 20 to 30 min long.
■ Shows are followed by discussions with the students (depending on their age).
■ We can make the sessions shorter or longer, as needed. 

Breakup of each session:
■ 0min till 5min: Students will be entering the planetarium and will be seated. 
■ 5min till 30min: Full Dome Planetarium Show will be displayed. 
■ 30min till 35min: Q&As 
■ 35min+ students exit the planetarium and our team prepares for the next class. 
Session #2:
■ Repeats exactly as above
■ Shows will be different from one session to the other depending on the age group.

■  A team member from the Cosmic Dome will be dedicated for the planetarium.
■  Our team members are trained to run the planetarium. 
■  Our team members are well aware of the topics/shows that will be displayed. 

■  It takes 2 hours to setup the dome and one hour to dismantle it. 
■  The Planetarium requires 8mx8m Space with 4.3m ceiling height. 

Shows & Topics:
■  We have more than 60 full dome shows in our catalog. 
■  We have shows in Arabic, English, and French. 
■  We will choose the shows that best fit you once we know more details.  
■  We have shows to all age groups (young and older students).
■  These shows are just awesome, people are amazed with the planetarium shows.

■  The cost depend on the number of students/classes that will be joining.

We look forward to visiting your school!

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