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For Dome Sales Enquiries:


  • Geodesic Domes, for any purpose 
    Used as restaurants, bars, rooms, wedding areas, green houses, and anything you can think of.

  • Steel Structure Our domes are made from galvanized hard steel which creates an extremely rigid shelter that withstands all-kinds of weather conditions.

  • Covers: Our covers are made from PVC with a thickness of 650 g/m2. The materials we use is water and fire resistant and are very strong. It can be easily cleaned and can withheld harsh temperatures.

  • Different colors are available.

  • Transparent Window: Our domes can offer a panoramic view

  • Round Windows: Depending on the size of the dome, 2 to 5 can be installed in the each dome.

  • Ventilation Openings: Optional openings are provided to insure the circulation of natural air.

  • Different domes can be connect together using connecting tubes.

For Dome Sales Enquiries:

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