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  • HEAT ACTIVATED - Pour in hot liquid and watch the constellations magically appear in the night sky. Our color-changing mugs are thermochromic, which is a scientific word for space magic. We're not sure how it works, but we're certain ours is the best coffee mug for when you want one celestial thermal mug, but you get a whole new one when your Americano goes in. There's nothing quite like enjoying your cappuccino, and then enjoying it even more because of the crazy things happening on your mug.
  •  This large mug is perfect for tea, espresso, capuccino, and anything else the star watcher in you desires to drink. Disapparing mugs are microwave safe, but hand wash only. Give it a nuclear blasting, but please don't put it in the dishwasher, or the stars may fade away forever, resulting in the universal heat death of the mug. 
  • 11 STAR CONSTELLATIONS APPEAR - Includes: Cassiopea, Perseus, Saggitarius, Hercules, Andromeda, Scorpius, Taurus, Ursa Major (Big Dipper), Ursa Minor (Little Dipper), Orion, Castor & Pollux. Star gazing and latte drinking don't have to be separate things any longer. Like having a star map pasted over a unique mug, you can use this while staring up at the starry night, or reading your horoscope with your morning cup of tea. This novelty mug is sure to please.
  • A PERFECT GIFT - For the star lover, star gazer, astronomer, astrologer, or anyone looking for a place to put their coffee. Zodiac lovers would get a kick out of it depending on their star sign (or if they generally like cool gifts). 

Mug: Heat Changing Constellation

  • We will deliver to your doorstep in Lebanon. 

    Worldwide Shipping Is Available for additional cost. 

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