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  • Very creative gifts,Novel bedroom decor moon lamps based on astronomical data, and environmentally friendly materials (PLA), integrated with 3D printing technology
  • Sensitive touch control, can change the color of the lamp (warm and cool white), long press can adjust the brightness of the lamp smoothly,Easily adjust the brightness to the brightness suitable for children to sleep, also suitable for home decoration
  • Built-in USB rechargeable battery, easy to carry, no impact on the use during charging after upgrade, charging 2-3 hours, can use 7-40 hours.
  • After update, the bottom interface of the cool moon night light is reduced to 0.7 in. The lamp and the ball are perfectly combined, and the appearance is complete and beautiful.

Moon Lamp: 3D Printed, USB, LED, Color Changing

  • We will deliver to your doorstep in Lebanon. 

    Worldwide Shipping Is Available for additional cost. 

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