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  • ☂UNIQUE REVERSAL DESIGN☂Intelligent folding design prevents the water dripping, keep floors and cars dry. It will hold the wet part in the umbrella once you have closed it. Especially convenient when you are in the door or car.
  • ☂WINDPROOF & WATERPROOF☂Carbon fiber high hardness skeleton enhances the overall robustness .And 210T double layer high-density water repellent fabric, offering you with full shelter from downpours, greatly improves waterproof effect.
  • ☂C HANDLE FREE☂C-shaped handle can release one of your hands, it is convenient for you to do other important things, just hang the umbrella on the wrist. Especially good for the mobile phone user and mother.
  • ☂EASY AND SAFE TO USE☂Stand up on your own, ideal for when you have no place to support your umbrella. And New mechanism allows the umbrella to be opened in tight space, there is no risk hurting other people accidently.

Galactic Umbrella

  • We will deliver to your doorstep in Lebanon. 

    Worldwide Shipping Is Available for additional cost. 

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