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Star Map - Lit

This customized Lit Star Map comes with a built in light that makes it shine and lit! It shows the alignment of the stars and the sky in a place and time of your choice. Each Lit Star Map is unique and is different from the other. We manually work on each Lit Star Map as the sky looks different every single day!

This is a very unique and meaningful gift for birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, time you first met your lover...

How it Works? 

Send us the date and location of your special moment and we will map the sky exactly how it was at that specific moment. Then choose your favorite color, size, and text. 

Customize your Sky Map:

  • Size
    • Small - 110$ 
    • Medium - 130$
  • Choose your text 
    • Write his/her name, his/her favorite quote, the date you have met. 
  • Production Time:
    • 7 working days

We will contact you by email or phone as soon as you make your order to talk about the little details and to make sure we design and built it exactly as you want!

  • Payment

Fill out the required information above and click on “ADD TO CART”. You will then be directed to fill out your address. 

You can then pay for your Star Map in cash once you confirm your order, no credit card is needed! 


You Will Love It! 

Star Map - Lit

  • We will deliver your Sky Map to your doorstep. 

    Worldwide Shipping Is Available. 

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