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The Cosmic Dome

Geo Domes

These domes are used as restaurants, pop-up shops, regular shops, wedding areas, green houses, entertainment spots, and anything you can think of.

You can find below a list of prices for the domes of different sizes including everything you might need in a dome (round door, windows, vents, really everything).

Please note, that at a later stage (when you make a final decision), you get to choose the following:

  • Location of the Door 

  • Location of the Windows 

  • Location of the transparent windows 

  • Color of the dome

  • Bayview (if needed, free of charge)

  • Skylight (if needed, free of charge)

We will make your domes exactly like you want and we will send you the layout before we proceed with the production.

Geo Dome 2024 International_edited_edited.jpg
Geo Dome 2023 International.png

Extras (Optional):

We can also provide you with the following additions for an extra cost. 

  • Aluminum/Glass door instead of the round door (800$ extra) 

  • Insulation from the inside (color of your choice) 

  • Curtain (color of your choice) 

  • Chimney Outlet Tube

  • Solar Fan 

  • Connecting Tunnels

  • Aluminum/Glass Windows instead of the velcro windows (400$ extra)

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