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The Cosmic Dome

Accommodation Domes

These domes are used as room hotels, chalets, mountain houses, and for other purposes. 

You can find below a list of prices for the domes of different sizes including everything you might need in a dome (door, curtain, windows, vents, insulation, really everything). Usually, a 6m or 7m dome would be good enough for a hotel room/chalet. 

Please note, that at a later stage (when you make a final decision), you get to choose the following:

  • Location of the Door 

  • Location of the Windows 

  • Location of the transparent windows 

  • Color of the dome

  • Insulation Type  

  • Insulation color

  • Curtain Color

We will make your domes exactly like you want and we will send you the layout before we proceed with the production.

GL Domes Lebanon Price List 2024.png
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